Crushing Can experiment

This experiment has the "woah!" factor as it demonstrates the stregnth of air pressure as you crush an ordinary drinks can. It is mainly suitable for third years studying Pressure and forces.

To check out the method visit our Wiki area here..Why does this happen?

When we begin our experiment, there is water and air inside the can. As we boil the water in the can, the water turns to steam and pushes the air out of the can. When we flip the can over into the cold water, the water momentarily seals off the can, so now the steam is trapped in the can. Since the water and air on the outside of the can is cooler than the steam inside, the steam condenses into a few drops of water. The drops of water on the inside of the can can’t exert the same amount of pressure as the water and air outside that can, so it collapses.


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