The Rail Strike

This week sees one of the biggest Rail Striiles for nearly 30 years. If you are unable to get into work because you are affected by the Tube strike, what are your rights?

Remember, you don’t have a legal right to be paid for working time you have missed missed due to travel disruption. It is a good idea for you to discuss and agree as soon as possible how any missing time will be treated. Normally your school or college workplace should have a policy on this. it may reflect something similar to very bad weather like snow. For example, taking extra days as holiday, unpaid leave or paid special leave. 

Can I be disciplined for failure to turn into work during strike action?

The answer is yes. However, disciplinary action would rely on two points. First of all that you failed to tell your employer in advance that you would be unable to make it into work. Secondly that you did not make a reasonable attempt to try and get into work by some other means. The term reasonable is crucial here, because if you could not make it into work by eg.,  car share, taxi or even by bus, then your employer should be sympathetic to your situation. However, bringing this early to your schoole principal is strongly advisable.

Should you find that you are subject to disciplinary action then contact your Trade Union rep as soon as possible for advice and representation.


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