Happy Christmas and New year from TecHKnow

So, we have finally reached the end of what i would describe as a very hectic and certainly unprecedented year. Every single one of us will look back upon 2021 with different feelings and experiences. Personally,  my 2021 has been one of exciting changes and different emotions. I got married earlier this year to my wife. Her brother & my friend sadly passed away very soon afterwards due to cancer. My German Sheppard who was a loved companion and friend for 11 years took ill and had to be youthanised. Our home has had a major redevelopment and redecorration which seemd to take ages and yes, we cannot forget CoVid. The surreal exeperience of being a key worker in school.  I have dodged a few CoVd bullets with close work collleagues having been struck down with the virus and finally we are now use to wearing masks around the workplace and elsewhere plus these regular lateral flow testing and regular CoVid Vaccine injections. Yes, indeed it has been a very interesting 2021. 

The annual Christmas party

The annual work Christmas party is a chance to eat, drink, be merry...and, in certain cases, behave inappropriately. It’s great opportunity to meet staff and generally relax and bond over mince pies… or whatever. It can be a great morale boosting experience for staff. However, what are the rules about attending a staff Christmas party?

The first thing to know is that staff parties, even those held outside work hours and not on your school premises, are still considered as ‘work’. That might surprise you.

If you are expected to attend (or you are invited) then the responsibilities of your employer apply as much during the time that you are at the party as they apply in your workplace.

Gratnells names Science Technician of the Year 2021

The STOTY Award 2021 has been awarded to Emilia Angelillo from Sancton Wood School. This year’s International prize has been awarded to Neema Saleem of Qatar Academy Sidra in Qatar.
The winning team is awarded to Vanda Rajewski and the team at Sutton High School in Surrey. This year’s runner-up is Sandrine Bouchelkia of St Paul's Way Trust School in London.
The third-place winner is Rachel Gibson of Coombe Dean School in Plymouth. Special recognition awards are presented to Christopher Rees of Tudor Grange Academy & Sharon Nicholson of Notley High School.

UK workers reveal what the perfect job looks like

Details of what UK workers believe to be the perfect job have been revealed following a survey of 2,000 individuals this week. A £44,000 annual salary is considered to be the average optimum salary to thrive here in the UK and findings revealed workers would like to work 21-30 hours per week. People in the UK would be most pleased with a total of 29 days annual leave, including a day off for their birthday, the research from Raja Workplace revealed.

Schools risk support staff exodus over pay, warns UNISON

More than two in five (42%) teaching assistants, caretakers, cleaners and other school support staff in England and Wales are actively looking for better paid jobs because of the rising cost of living and persistent low pay in education, according to a UNISON survey released today (Friday). The survey responses paint a bleak picture of school employees living with no heating or hot water because of broken boilers they can’t afford to fix, worrying about how to pay for dental treatment, relying on their children for money, or going to food banks.

Show us your Christmas Tree!

If you have not put up your Christmas tree yet, here is a very good reason to do so today.

You could win a hamper, or one of our runner up prizes of a sweet tray Simply share your Chemistree photo for a chance to win UK educational establishments only.

Competition closes 08 December 2021 Winner announced 10th December 2021

More details can be found here....

ASE 2022 Annual Conference in Sheffield

ASE 2022 Annual Conference in Sheffield
The 2022 ASE Annual Conference is being held at Sheffield Hallam University from 5th to 8th January, with the International Day being delivered online the following week, on 12th January.
Should you wish to explore the digital timetable to see the huge selection of sessions we have in store, you'll be able to find the main programme on the ASE website, which provides live and up to date information.
As a thank you for your commitment and contribution to the Association we would like to invite you to a complimentary lunch during your time at the Annual Conference. This will be available to those attending the conference and will be by ticket only which will be asked for at the event.
The lunch will be held on Thursday 6th January 2022 at 12 until 1 - in Hallam View (6th Floor of Owen Building)
Lunch tickets are now available for booking on our website.
Please click on the link above which will take you to the Annual Conference ticket purchasing area on our website. You will see a small blue phrase Enter promo code. Please enter the code CSciTeachLunch22 which will reveal a hidden ticket in order for you to book.
For queries, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Education Support

The RSC Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector (BMCS) are delighted to do what we can to support students as they start on the road that will see them becoming the next generation of chemistry experts who we will depend upon. A subset of the BMCS, called the Education Support Group (ESG), takes responsibility for our educational activities.The RSC BMCS has been providing funds for small educational projects in schools and colleges for many years. The unifying theme of all of these projects has been their common objective of enhancing the learning (and teaching) experience in relation to chemistry for students (and teachers).

During this period we have offered support in two main areas: Enhanced Equipment and Chemistry Clubs. 

Enhanced Equipment - These funds are awarded against bids for equipment that cannot be purchased through a school’s mainstream teaching budget and which would enrich the learning experience of students in either primary (science) or secondary (chemistry) studies. 

Chemistry Clubs - The funds are targeted at activities run at schools/ colleges outside the normal science timetable which may be focussed on generating interest in chemistry in all ability levels or which may provide opportunities to stretch and challenge the already able and motivated. 


You can find more details about these grants and how to apply here...