Would you like to better your work in the lab

ASE are running a series of online courses for technicians in Practical Chemistry, Practical Biology and Practical Physics.

Throughout November and early December, ASE will run a series of in-depth online courses for technicians on Practical Chemistry, Biology and Physics, which aims to help improve technicians work in the lab as well as help bolster their knowledge and skills in the three sciences. During the day there will be a mixture of live demonstrations, videos, chats about good practice and the opportunity to carry out some practicals in your own prep room (we will circulate an equipment list prior to the course, and only suggest equipment that most schools will have).

  • Practical Chemistry for Technicians- Online: Thursday, 11 November 2021, 9am-3pm
  • Practical Biology for Technicians- Online: Thursday, 18 November 2021, 9am-3pm
  • Practical Physics for Technicians- Online: Thursday, 2 December 2021, 9am-3pm

You can find more details about these courses and how to book…

Happy Birthday Marie Curie

Marie Curie is a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who was a pioneer in the field of radioactivity, a word she herself coined. Besides her many honorary degrees and memberships in societies across the globe, she is well known for her two Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry. She was born on November 7th, 1867. She grew up in a household of teachers, and education remained important throughout her life. Despite their little means, Curie’s father provided his daughter with scientific training, introducing her to a field that would become her legacy.

Marie went to university in Paris in 1891 where she read physics and mathematics. It was also where she met her husband Pierre Curie, a fellow scientist working in the city. In 1902 Marie and Pierre completed the discovery of radium.

The journey to the discovery had been long and arduous but it wasn’t without its rewards as Marie and Pierre were awarded the joint Nobel Prize for Physics.

After Pierre’s tragic death in 1906, Marie’s determination and remarkable endeavours led to a second Nobel Prize in 1911, this time in chemistry for creating a means of measuring radioactivity.
Marie Curie died in 1934 of pernicious anaemia, a condition she developed after years of exposure to radiation through her work. She is buried, along with Pierre, in the Pantheon, the Paris mausoleum reserved for France's most revered dead.

LabexpertUK at ASE Confernece in Sheffield 2022

Labexpert UK is pleased to be once again at Europe’s largest science education conference which is back face-to-face ASE  nnual conference 2022 at Sheffield Hallam University from 5th to 8th January

Sign up for their workshop Thursday, January 6  2:00pm - 2:55pm Information about our software is available on our YouTube channel or our website www.labexpert.co.uk

If you would like to find out more about our products, please email us at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just give us a call, 07799504658 we will be  happy to discuss your requirements.

Employers urged to increase offer ahead of industrial action plans

Unions representing council and school support staff have ​today (Friday) urged employers to return to pay talks with an improved offer as they prepare for industrial action over “inadequate” pay proposals. 

Months of disruption to local government services could lie ahead​, but the unions say councils have it within their gift to prevent community services being badly affected if they give workers the proper pay rise they deserve.

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The importance of saying "thank you"

It’s my personal belief that teachers and technicians do not get enough credit for the many ways they inspire generations of young people – which is why awareness events like National Thank A Teacher Day and UNESCO World Teachers’ Day are so important. However, i note there is no such national event for Technicians.

Some may argue that we shouldn’t need a special ‘day’ to remind people of the commitment, skill and dedication of teachers and techncians, particularly after a uniquely challenging 18 months - and they do have a point. However, these events are extremely useful tools to harness and publicise gratitude. They encourage and remind children, parents, colleagues, employers and people from outside the education sector to say a very public ‘thank you’ online, across social media – and now in person too. It highlights the contribution of the work that we do.

On TecHknow we recognise your achievements and contributions in a variety of ways. When you make a Post on our Forums for example, colleagues are invited to "thank-you" electronically by clicking the button at the bottom of your post. That means that the poster is recognised as somebody who has inspired or helped you in some way. On our Wiki area, your contributions are electronically tagged as being your work. You get the recognition and the attributions for helping others.

No matter how long ago your school days were, everyone can remember at least one teacher or technician who made an enduring impact on their lives. I remember many years ago a tall gentleman who looked very like "beaker" from the muppets show. His name was Donald. I was always fascinated when he came into class to set up science practicals. Donald inspired me to be the Science technician that I am today. I was impressed how he was able to guide or help the teacher get the most from the practicals. On several occasions he asisted students in my class by expaining in a very simple way how to use the apparatus or do the actual practical and get results. Sometimes even better than the teacher!

Surely a national Technician day is not too much to ask and indeed all schools should encourage students to thank not just the teachers at the ned of the academic year but not to forget the humble technician as well. Are you thanked by colleagues in your school or do you go about your normal week mostly incoggnito? Do you agree that there should be a National (or even international) day for technicians. If so, what events would you suggest could happen. Let us know your thoughts about this on our Forums board

Labexpert UK Stock and Chemical Control Software

To support Technicians with the start of the new academic year, Labexpert UK are offering a FREE Laser Barcode Scanner (worth £64.95) with every starter pack or software purchase

Labexpert UK Chemical and Equipment stock software will ensure that you have accurate records of all of your chemicals and equipment. You know where they are stored and how much you have.

The latest version of their chemical stock software (V3.0.2) now has a much easier way of entering information and improved navigation. It allows accountability for chemicals used, registers quantities used in an academic year with date of last use for every chemical. They have included a

used-by date field and a SYC field which lists chemicals that are causing most concern according to the Home Office SYC (Secure Your Chemicals Education) guidance.

Every chemical where applicable now has a link to the CLEAPSS Hazcard© (CLEAPSS membership required)

For further information click here

School spending set to remain below 2010 levels – as poorest areas ‘hammered’ by biggest cuts

School spending per pupil in England will remain lower than in 2010 following a decade of education budget cuts, new research has revealed.

Boris Johnson’s government has committed extra £7.1bn funding for schools in England for 2022-2023 – but it will not reverse a cut in real-term spending per pupil over the past decade, according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS). Total school spending per pupil in England was just over £6,500 in the latest complete year of data in 2019-20, some 9 per cent lower in real terms than its high-point of £7,200 in 2009-10, meaning spending will still be 1 per cent lower than a decade ago after accounting for inflation.

Dam you Covid-19. dam you to hell!!

It took about an hour to set up the food test practical for twenty seven pupils. It was the third of seven practicals that I had to do that day. I bought the food the night before on my own time. Practical instructions said that the food had to blended and filtered into six labeled beakers, They wanted two water baths filled, so that students would not be congregating around the one water bath and finally all of the reagents had to be checked and where necessary topped up. 

As usual I was quite pleased when I entered the classroom five minutes before the students arrived with my practical trolley. I had already carried out a quick test to show that the foodstuffs that had to show a positive test did so. Then the classroom intercom crackled and the receptionist asked for eveybodys attention. We all stopped what we were doing. She called out twenty two names from whatever list she had in front of her. I watched as the teacher of the class frantically went searching through her computer management system to find out if the names that were called out were any from her class. The look of fear, which quickly turned to anger told me all that I needed to know. The students had either tested CoVid positive or where in close proximity to somebody who was confirmed as CoVid positive. So protocal at that time meant they had to go home and arrange a PCR test

The teachers' apology to me was meaningless. I was not her fault. All i could do was put a brave smile on my face and push my trolley back into the store. I left it until I closed the preproom door before I let out an expetive naughty word. The class will not be back for several days and by that time the food will have most likely persished. It was a wasted hours work which now necessitates a cleanup. I was furious. Dam you CoVid-19...dam you to hell!!!

So what true stories do you have about practical life under CoVid?