Managing practical work during 2020/21 - Virtual training sessions

CLEAPSS has developed a new virtual inset session covering the latest CLEAPSS guidance on how best to manage practical work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 1.5hr training sessions can be run at any time of the day but are ideal for Twilight sessions. The course will focus on how practical is possible, and also how to manage issues which are created by the pandemic.

It is led by those who wrote and manage the CLEAPSS COVID-19 guidance, so it will also provide a greater insight into the reasons behind the latest guidance. It will also include time for a Q&A.

The course costs £250 and will be delivered via Zoom.  Each course can have a maximum of 30 particpants. Please contact us for more information or to book a course. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What do you know?

TecHKnow Wiki allows any registered member to place knowledge or specialised information in one or more connected web pages, using nothing more than word-processing know-how.

As you know, the most well-known example is Wikipedia. Wikis are a way to grow a knowledge base around a particular content area, be it best practices in a particular science or technical field, how to do a particular practical or how to build or use a specific piece of equipment.  Those are just some examples.  TecHKnow Wiki allows you to be the author of your knowledge or article. Your article is searchable across the world and as well as helping School Science Colleagues, the TecHKnow wiki has also been searched by third level educational establishments and indeed other people across the world.

So if you have ever thought of authoring an article that could be helpful or informative were you can demonstrate the full extent of your professional or industrial experience then we are here just for that. Check out the wiki area right now.

A separate registration to your normal TecHKnow user login is needed.  Dive in and create your first article today!


Help shape the delivery of quality practical science post-lockdown

The Covid-19 crisis has touched on all aspects of school life and across all subject areas. As an intrinsically practical subject, science education has been particularly impacted by school closures, with difficulties in carrying out practical work set to continue as schools and colleges return.

The ASE is committed to championing the role of 'hands-on, minds-on' practical science both through the current crisis and in the future, and given that more than 1,200 educators joined our special webinar on the subject last week, it is clear that many of you are too. 

The next stage of that ongoing commitment is to canvas our members' opinions and experiences through a survey. This survey has three purposes:

- To inform ASE, Gatsby and other stakeholders of teacher and technician views on the opportunities and challenges for carrying out practical work as schools open to more students and throughout the next academic year

- To inform related activities and responses by ASE, Gatsby and other stakeholders

- To provide evidence for the Education Select Committee Inquiry response (on the impact of covid-19 on education and children’s services)

We invite you to take part in this survey which should take no longer than 15-20 minutes. No information will be collected which identifies you or your school/college, and all information will be used for the purposes of this exercise only.

Your opinion is extremely valuable to us, please lend us your voice and help shape the experience of delivering quality practical science experiences for pupils from September and beyond... 

The deadline for survey submission is 9am on Monday 6th July 2020

ASE membership news

The committees that shape ASE policy are all made up of volunteer members who we call upon to give expert advice in many areas, so you can be sure your voice is heard and represented! Join with 20% off membership:

CLEAPSS updates

CLEAPSS have now created a series of new guides to support schools during the COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic. You can access these via the CLEAPSS website



  • GL336 - CLEAPSS Advice during the COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic - Version 21 (Updated 10/05/20)
  • GL338 - Practical activities for pupils attending school during extended periods of closure
  • GL339 – Practical activities for pupils at home during extended periods of school closure


Look after your mental health

If you are self-isolating or social distancing because of coronavirus (COVID-19), it is important to look after your mental health.

Here are some tips that may help.

Staying Connected - Phone calls are amazing, and are a great way to stay connected. But seeing someone’s face really can make a huge difference on a phone call. It can lift your mood and make you feel less lonely. Check out Facetime, Zoom or any other video social video metods of contacting your freinds and family

Staying calm - Through breathing techniques and meditation. Why not clean up your social media by muting or unfollowing accounts that make you feel anxious or angry?

Dealing with stressful situations at home – Create a rota or a plan. Try to walk away from tense situations if you can. Go out and have your daily walk!

A Positive Health and Safety Culture

This article has been taken from our TecHKnow Wiki section. Fore further articles and how you can contribute please click here.....

In 1972, the Robens report recognized that the introduction of Health and Safety management systems was essential if the ideal of self regulation of Health and Safety by all industry was to be realized. It further recognized that a more active involvement of the workforce in such systems was essential if self regulation was to work.

Since the introduction of the Health and Safety at work Act, Health and Safety Standards have improved considerably but there have been some catastrophic failures. There is concern among some health and safety professionals that many health and safety cultures are developed and driven by senior managers with very little input from the workforce.

Coronavirus: Pressure mounts for mass school closures

Petition calling for government to consider closing schools ASAP hits 176,000 signatures – enough to trigger a parliamentary debate.  The petition is calling on the government to urgently consider closing schools owing to the Coronavirus has attracted enough support to prompt a debate in Parliament.

The petition, started by Sami Attout, states that "growing fears" related to the virus are affecting people's ability to focus or concentrate when in school. The petition had attracted more than 176,000 signatures this morning, surpassing the 100,000 threshold for triggering a parliamentary debate.