Here is the scenario. You applied for a job as a Science technician. You are academically qualified, you have several years experience working in a similar position. You attended an interview and did your very best. Everything looks good and then the letter drops on your doormat. Its a rejection letter. So you ask yourself, what happened. Why did I not get the job.

This is a follow up on an earlier article on the TecHKnow Wiki about Job Interviews in general. The articles look at the process from the perspective of the candidate and the interviewer. You should check these out beforehand.

Even though I am a Senior Science Technician, I am also a trained and qualified manager. For reference Chartered institute of Management Diploma (Level 6)  back in 2000. Having studied recruitment as part of my course, here are the 7 main reasons why people who "think" they should have got the job - but didn't.  You may be surprised at the what is to follow and I do not intentionally wish to offend anybody. This is more for information.

The seven main reasons are as follows:

  1. You are assessed the minute you walk through the door. Human beings as they are, we make judgements about people inside 30 seconds of meeting them and then use the next two or three minutes confirming our judgements. First impressions count!
  2. Attitude. the interviewee starts to complaining about their former employer or coworkers, they grumble about their past work as if this will show why they’re motivated to make a change. It does not work like that and it shows that you cannot work as part of a team.
  3. Not doing your research. Not doing your research can cost you the job. You should know about the school, something about their successes and possibly even know a few of the staff.
  4. You sound desperate. While it’s good to be enthusiastic about the role, interviewers are turned off by candidates who seem simply desperate for a job. play it cool...but not too cool.
  5. Good references. They are checked!! If you can’t find people who will speak well of your work and professionalism, you’re in trouble.
  6. You don't look the part. Its not a fashion show. Dress according to their dress code. You also do not attend an interview after smoking 20 cigarettes an hour beforehand or perhaps drowned your body in ten tonnes of perfume/aftershave. Interviewers can get turned off by these things.
  7. You have unrealistic salary expectations - In our School (and most others) no matter how academically clever you are or longevity of service, most Technicians drop down to the bottom of the pay scale when they start a new job in a school. The days of negotiation are not as good as maybe the older days.

Some people ask why do employers not provide feedback after you have been rejected for a job interview. In reality, it is considered good practice to ask for feedback and some (not all) employers will make an effort to provide positive feedback. whether it is helpful or not is questionable. In practice, an employer who gave feedback which demonstrated on their part that they have NOT followed the correct legal employment procedures could leave themselves wide open to a possible claim by the individual. SO do not be disheartened if you do not receive such feedback.

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