Emilie Ellis is a member of the Independent Steering Group for Technicians in Education (a group of technicians coming together to try and instigate recognition and consistency for the technician role, enabling the provision and delivery of quality practical education in schools).

After some lengthy research I have found in CLEAPSS G228 (which was updated in 2009),  that schools and colleges should consider 'grades' that are appropriate for their technicians roles (some which apply now). Dependent on skills, experience and knowledge required for the job, the levels of responsibilities required and the supervision received / given. The RS / ASE have suggested that there should be four grades of technicians as follows:

• Trainee technician.
• Technician.
• Senior technician.
• Team-leader technician / demonstrator technician / advanced skills-technician / technician adviser. (We have renamed to Advanced, Specialist Technician).

CLEAPSS believes that four grades will be adequate to support the range of technician activities required by science departments in schools and colleges.

I have created a survey that includes roles/ responsibilities technicians undergo that have been collated from shared technicians job descriptions and general research. What we are trying to find out is what role you think collates to each technician 'grade'. There is multiple choice so please feel free to select more than one 'grade' if you think it applies. It will only take 2-3 minutes of your day, please give us a helping hand!  Thank you in advance!!

LINK TO SURVEYhttps://forms.gle/ETGJ38FrPACbGY1c6