The TecHKnow wiki (see main menu) is an encyclopaedia of knowledge. More specifically, the knowledge and experience submitted by School Science/D&T technicians like yourself! So far we have over 610 articles covering a wide range of informative, helpful and useful professional topics. There have been in total 1,320,961 page views since we began the Wiki back in 2004! Any registered user can write or edit an article on the Wiki. This makes the TecHKnow wiki one of the most versatile, effective and popular methods of exchanging knowledge, help and advice within the professional community. There is no other professional dedicated wiki like it, anywhere else on the Web.
We have described below how you can write a TecHKnow Wiki article. Remember, there is an extensive help tutorial on the Wiki area itself. However, if this does not go far enough or if you require any assistance then you are very welcome to contact us directly through our Community forums area, by email, or Private Message. We will will respond quickly and provide whatever assistance you need. Its time to step up to the mark and show the professional community what you know!

Lets's begin....

If you are not already registered with the TecHKnow Wiki then you will need to do that right now. Register/Create an account on the front WIki page. Please tell us a little about yourself. Our Moderators will approve your registration within a day or two. Please be patient we are only human after all. The registration is seperate from your registration here on TecHKnow. You DO NOT need to be a registered member of TecHKnow in order to join the TecHKnow wiki. However, if you are NOT a registered member of TecHKnow then we will need a little bit more personal  information about you before our moderators can decide whether to accept your registration. This is to avoid potential spammers joining!

Do a Search

First you'll need to do a search to see if the article already exists - if yours is a popular or well-known subject, the chances are it already exists. In the box, type in your word(s) (e.g. "Health and Safety") and press Enter.


If an article about your subject already exists, the article will come up now; if no such article exists, you will get a list of search results. Check this list - it may be that your article is written under a slightly different heading. If your article does not exist on the Wiki or perhaps does not cover the specific area you are interested in writing for, then you are invited to create your own stand-alone article.


Ask yourself..

  • Is my article a worthwhile subject for the TecHKnow Wiki? - If you want to write an article on, for example, how to service a microscope or perhaps the extraction of DNA from Strawberries then your article will be most welcome. If you want to write about Tennis, politics, share a joke or propogate spam or anything else that is not in line with the aims and objectives with the Wiki then don't waste your time or ours. Your article will be deleted by our moderators.
  • Will anybody else read it? - That will depend entirely on what subject you are going to write on. Articles describing experiments generally tend to attract most page hits. For example, an article on the Wiki which describes how to determine the resistance of a lenght of nichrome wire has so far received over 9000 page views. An article about Geraniums has attracted over 4000 page hits while an article on Linux has only so far received just over 700 page views. It is not a competition to see who can attract the most page views; the idea is to put what you know out there on the WIki so that you are potentially helping somebody somewhere today, tomorrow, next month or next year within our profession. If you manage to help just one individual by contributing your experience, doesn't that give you a great feeling? Of course it does....

If you think the answer is "NO" to the above questions then we suggest that you don't add to the wiki. However, if you can answer "Yes" then you are welcome - dive straight in!!!

Creating your article

Now that you have decided to contribute your article, look for the  'Create this article' link which should be visible on the search page,  and click that. If not, look under where it says 'Search' - it'll say (e.g) "You searched for Health and Safety" Click on the link of the title you typed in - i.e. click on Health and Safety. Then click on "Start the Underwater tennis article"

Start Writing!!

You should now have a big empty box in which you should write your article. We do not expect you to write to publishing standards. However it is a good idea to begin by writing a short introduction (called a 'lead' section), and then the main body of your article. Make it a reasonable length, and informative. After all you are writing for an audience made up of colleagues like yourself. Try to keep the science and technicial jargon simple. If you must use such jargon it is a good idea to add an explanation or perhaps create an additional article were you can write at length on the topic.

When you have finished, click the 'save button'!!

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