One of the sharp changes to this academic year is how different schools are approaching Practical Science. Many Schools are "playing safe" and simply doing demo versions of each practical, while some are doing nothing at all! A few have taken the plunge, carried out the appropriate risk management and put in place good housekeeping and control measure and are satisfactorily doing at or close to their normal practical work.

ASE has published key recommendations for practical science in a post-lockdown world. It is called “Good Practical Science - making it happen post-Covid-19”. It features a series of key recommendations that ASE urge all science educators to consider in light of the current issues that all schools are currently facing.

Many of the teachers and technicians surveyed (about 900 in total) were not satisfied with their school or college provision for practical work during lockdown. Many were anticipating a big reduction in the frequency of practical work when schools reopened, with perhaps as much as 20% of examination classes (GSCE and A level) experiencing no practical science at all.

This document should be read alongside CLEAPSS GL343 and other associated CLEAPSS documents

Download the document from here -


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