Our Wiki are is a fantastic area that allows you to place your technician experience and knowledge in an web environment that is easily searchable by everybody across the world. It allows you to help your fellow professional colleagues by passing on what you know about doing your job or perhaps your specialised experience on a topic. Here are some example of colleagues who have contributed to our Wiki. You are invited to try it out now for yourself.

Aluminium foil strip is used to create a speaker.
This is a simple to construct example of the motion of a conductor in a magnetic field.
It is useful to illustrate electromagnetic induction or sound waves. It may also be of sufficient interest to act as an open-day idea as the students are often impressed with the simplicity of the set-up.
This is more likely to be used as a demo.

A barometer is an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure.

The offending item, a rather poor photo of the 'as found' state, standing at just over a metre tall the barometer was intact, all apart from the glass column being broken. The reservoir was still full of mercury, and this was probably why it had escaped the dustbin. Nobody had been bothered to empty it for disposal, so it spent years hidden behind a cupboard until my discovery. The main body of the barometer was removed from its backing board, and after removing 4 very small brass screws the protective casing around the column was removed. This revealed that the glass column was, indeed, broken and would need to be replaced.

After breakage of our official Hero's engine, I decided to try a cheaper version.

First, take one 330 ml drinks can. Over a sink, make two holes in opposite sides with an optical pin (or other long pin/needle). Bend the holes with the pin so the vents are opposing. This rough sketch shows you how to shape them. DO NOT open the can using the ring pull. Other than the two holes, the can must remain a sealed vessel.