I recently attended a short in house course for all staff on Stress management techniques. What initially started out as something I felt would be embarrassing (because I always envisaged myself as one who has low amount of stress in my life) the talk proved very useful.

So I have included below some of the notes relating to the session in the hope that it may prove useful during the course of your working day.

Remember, you can easily learn to manage stress and lead a happier, healthier life.

The wiki article will also give some helpful advice on how to manage your time effectively and also understand some "illusions about time"

To read the Wiki article click here

Perceptions of Technicians (A short survey). There were some fascinating results and we really appreciated your honest and detailed responses. Overall, 215 people responded to the survey which was fantastic.
We recently presented an initial analysis of the results at the Science Museums Research Conference - I have attached the presentation we used at this conference which includes some of the data. It was very relevant to them as there is a large technician themed exhibition being planned for the Science Museum London.
The data from the survey sparked some really interesting conversations about how best to talk about technicians in the exhibition.
We will be writing up the data as a blog post soon and will keep you updated with any more developments. Thank you again,
Dr Andy Connelly (University of Leeds) and Dr. Rebecca Woods (Newcastle University)

FREE TRAINING WORKSHOP Labexpert UK is pleased to offer a FREE training workshop on Wed 20th November 2919 (12:00 to 4:00pm).

The course is ideal for staff using the Labexpert UK - Chemical and Equipment Stock Control Software or for those who would like to learn more about stock control systems.

This will be a hands-on training session on how best to use the Labexpert UK Chemical & Equipment Stock Control Software. Also including the use of barcode scanners and label printers.

TO BOOK A PLACE PLEASE EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. All enquiries on 07799504658 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.labexpert.co.uk Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Develop skills to share good practice and address key issues for the effective storage of chemicals and equipment.
  • Develop the skills to fully utilise the Labexpert UK Chemical and Equipment Stock Control Software. • Evaluate and use different types of barcode scanners and label printers that can be used with software.

Wed 20 November 2019 SHEFFIELD Sheffield Hallam University City Campus, Howard Street, S1 1WB


Emilie Ellis is a member of the Independent Steering Group for Technicians in Education (a group of technicians coming together to try and instigate recognition and consistency for the technician role, enabling the provision and delivery of quality practical education in schools).

After some lengthy research I have found in CLEAPSS G228 (which was updated in 2009),  that schools and colleges should consider 'grades' that are appropriate for their technicians roles (some which apply now). Dependent on skills, experience and knowledge required for the job, the levels of responsibilities required and the supervision received / given. The RS / ASE have suggested that there should be four grades of technicians as follows:

• Trainee technician.
• Technician.
• Senior technician.
• Team-leader technician / demonstrator technician / advanced skills-technician / technician adviser. (We have renamed to Advanced, Specialist Technician).

CLEAPSS believes that four grades will be adequate to support the range of technician activities required by science departments in schools and colleges.

I have created a survey that includes roles/ responsibilities technicians undergo that have been collated from shared technicians job descriptions and general research. What we are trying to find out is what role you think collates to each technician 'grade'. There is multiple choice so please feel free to select more than one 'grade' if you think it applies. It will only take 2-3 minutes of your day, please give us a helping hand!  Thank you in advance!!

LINK TO SURVEYhttps://forms.gle/ETGJ38FrPACbGY1c6

The dates for the next ASE technicians courses have now gone live on eventbrite.
We have the ASE Technicians Leadership Programme which consisting of three different days focusing on leadership, development and organisation (there are two dates for each one of these an you can do one, two or three depending on what you need).
Then new for this year were trialing a technicians supporting students course and a technicians supporting STEM clubs course.
Each day is £125 for ASE Members of £175 for non members.

UNISON recently secured a victory at the Court of Appeal affecting hundreds of thousands of employees working part-time and irregular hours or patterns.

Harpur Trust v Brazel & UNISON clarifies the legal position ensuring all workers are entitled to a minimum of 28 days paid annual leave, even if they do not get given work or paid for parts of the year. In addition, this leave must be paid at the rate of a normal week’s pay, or based on the average payment for the preceding 12 weeks if pay is irregular.

UNISON intervened in this appeal, which was being defended by music teacher Mrs Lesley Brazel and brought by Harpur Trust, her term-time employer. The trust claimed she was entitled to leave and pay below the statutory minimum.

The position of leave for hourly-paid workers in the education sector, who are not paid a salary during school holidays, has been unclear due to the absence of government guidance or definitive case law on their holiday rights.

Role: Chief Science Technician

Contract type: Full-time | Permanent

Start date: December 2019

Closing date: Monday 1 October 2019, 12 pm

This is a tremendous opportunity for a senior technician or researcher looking to expand their skills and abilities and progress to a new challenging permanent full-time position in central London.

Only a few metres away from Kensington Gardens and minutes away from any major attractions in the heart of London.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact me (Andres Tretiakov) or see the attached job advert and job description.

Please follow the link for more information:

STARTING DATE: as soon as possible or 28 October 2019

This develops the article Chromotography of Amino acids which focuses on the practical of Amino acid Chromatography from the perspective of the student. The practical preparation below has been tried and tested. It has found to work satisfactorily.

What the Science Technician needs to keep in mind, (and indeed to an even greater extent the Science Teacher) however well the Science Technician sets up this practical, ultimately its success, comes down to the practical manipulation and skills of the individual student. So the advice here is to do a trial run beforehand to verify and show that it has worked!.

Preparation set up

The Chromatography solutions are made up as follows;

[Read more of this article on our TecHKnow Wiki....]

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