Teachers in England and Wales are to strike on 26 March in their dispute over pay, pensions and conditions.

The NUT and the NASUWT have held a series of strikes since first balloting members almost three years ago, but more recently action was called off so talks could be held.

The unions said they last met with government officials in October.

The dispute centres on the introduction of a new performance-related pay structure and tougher pension package. [Courtesy: BBC NEWS | EDUCATION]

What with revelations about official snooping and fears of identity crime, the problems of risking personal information on the internet have never been more high profile, and yet the best password millions can come up with is: 123456.

US firm SplashData has revealed its annual list of the worst passwords which sees the previous favourite ("password") relegated into second place by the first six numbers on the keyboard with the slightly more sophisticated 12345678, qwerty and — abc123 completing the top five.

Timstar is working with the Get set…demonstrate campaign to present Demo Day 2014!

The Get set…demonstrate campaign is generating a wave of inspiring science demonstrations in UK secondary schools! As part of National Science & Engineering Week 2014 teachers and technicians will give practical demonstrations in their classes on 20 March 2014—the first national Demo Day. Free demonstration video guides and accompanying written resources are available through the campaign's website.

To encourage participation in Demo Day, Timstar are offering discounts on equipment for the featured demonstrations if teachers and technicians pledge to give a demo. When a pledge is made, an email with the discount code and the Timstar “Get set…demonstrate equipment menu” will be sent.

Teachers and technicians, take part in an exciting nationwide event that will help you explore new concepts and provoke discussions with your students. See below the equipment menu and video guides, go to www.getsetdemo.com to access the accompanying written guides and get your discount code by making a pledge.

With a little time on my hands I want to let you know that we have made a slight modification to the terms and conditions regarding registering with TecHKnow. At face value this might appear a little bit stupid. However, trust me, there is a very good underlying reason behind this. In future anyone who registers with the TecHKnow website upon reading the Terms and Conditions will see that we expect the person who registers that;

"You declare that you are a science or technology technician who currently is in employment at a secondary school, college, university or similar academic institution in the United Kingdom. Alternatively you can demonstrate that you share the aims and objectives of this professional group."

I am aware that there are several retired colleagues who are still members of the community website as well as those from professional organisations like CLEAPSS, ASE and others. So the second half of the paragraph is the catch-all part! Why make this change? Well it is limit anybody who tries to register with us for inappropriate reasons. 

So, how is your new years resolution progressing? Did you decide at the beginning of 2014 that you will try to improve your skills or competency in order to carry out your job duties this year more effectively?
Then why not check out some of these courses from the National Science learning Center!!

Experienced Technicians Programme: Vocational Science (NY608)

This course has been designed for technicians to reflect, research and learn how to disseminate information and strategies to improve practical work. The course enables technicians to further develop their scientific skills in the areas of practical ideas, forensics, medicine, industrial processes, agriculture and animal care.


Experienced Technicians Programme: Chemistry (NY605)

This three-day course will examine and explore: micro practicals; analytical techniques including chromatography; spectrometry and colorimetry; reactions; polymers; diffusion; electrolysis; distillations; titrations; and demonstrations


Senior Technicians Accredited Co-Leaders in Science (NY600)

This accredited course is for senior technicians, or those aspiring to the role, who are responsible for managing technical services within their science department. Participants will develop strategies and ideas for leading and running a science department technical service.


Teacher and Science Support Staff Recognition Awards (Blog) (Some net Nannys may block this link)

Becca Knowles, head of STEM CPD at Myscience, writes about the benefits of the new Science Teacher and Support staff Recognition Scheme and how to enter.

Tweet this: #STEMcpd


CLEAPSS have released the guides available from their recent 2013 ASE Conference which accompany and explain the practicals and hands-on making sections.

Please note all of these documents are in a 'draft' stage, so if you are unsure about anything, please contact them directly for more help or information
See: http://www.cleapss.org.uk/conferences/ase-2014

  • The new Spring CLEAPSS Bulletin is now available to download or read from the website www.cleapss.org.uk

Welcome to the TecHKnow Community website. TecHKnow is a FREE resource aimed specifically at supporting Science and D/T technicians who work in School Science within the United Kingdom.

We are always on the look out for topical and interesting news articles to be included here on our front page area. Are you interested in writing a news article for us yourself? Maybe you can help us bring to the attention of technician colleagues interesting news items that appear elsewhere. Simply check through any recent news article that have appeared on our front page news area to learn about the types of articles and our style of presentation.

If you can help then please contact us either directly via our website email address which is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you are already a TecHKnow registered member, you can simply send us a private Message to TecHKnow. With the ASE Conference the topic of news at this time, maybe you can write a review about your experience. Good luck.


CLEAPSS is pleased to announce that the first batch of its new CLP Hazcards are now live. See here for more information

The CLEAPSS Hazcards give information for teachers and technicians about hazards with chemicals in school science. They include all the changes that had been made in previous editions and all their amendments.  It has taken alot of hard work from the good folk at CLEAPSS to put this valuable resource together. You can now download a complete set of the new CLEAPSS Hazcards in one PDF file. This makes printing off a complete set easy, and also allows you to download them to mobile devices, like iPads, Laptops, and Phones for use when not online (although keep an eye out for any updates).


The new batch of new CLP Hazcards are now live ! - In this new batch CLEAPSS have launched the following CLP Hazcards: 6, 10A, 27C, 38A, 47A, 50, 67, 72, 87, 98A

Along with this you will need to read our new guide to the CLP Hazcards GL 120 and the new Index to CLP Hazcards GL 121.

Please click here for more information or follow the below link to the new document :-http://www.cleapss.org.uk/secondary/secondary-science/hazcards

Want to keep up to date with all new and updated documents we have on the website? Then view their What's New section.


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