CLEAPSS is pleased to announce that the first batch of its new CLP Hazcards are now live. See here for more information

The CLEAPSS Hazcards give information for teachers and technicians about hazards with chemicals in school science. They include all the changes that had been made in previous editions and all their amendments.  It has taken alot of hard work from the good folk at CLEAPSS to put this valuable resource together. You can now download a complete set of the new CLEAPSS Hazcards in one PDF file. This makes printing off a complete set easy, and also allows you to download them to mobile devices, like iPads, Laptops, and Phones for use when not online (although keep an eye out for any updates).


The new batch of new CLP Hazcards are now live ! - In this new batch CLEAPSS have launched the following CLP Hazcards: 6, 10A, 27C, 38A, 47A, 50, 67, 72, 87, 98A

Along with this you will need to read our new guide to the CLP Hazcards GL 120 and the new Index to CLP Hazcards GL 121.

Please click here for more information or follow the below link to the new document :-

Want to keep up to date with all new and updated documents we have on the website? Then view their What's New section.


Merry Christmas from TecHKnowAs we all wind down for the end of term and start to focus on the Christmas and New Year Holidays, I want to take this opportunity to thank many people. First of all, a big Thank you to several colleagues who have very kindly made voluntary donations to the TecHKnow Website throughout the year. I can personally assure you that every penny received has gone into the payment of the monthly bills and also towards updating the website during the summer time.

Secondly, I want to thank Mr. David Ferguson, Baldilocks, Dampsquib and Marionofsuburton,  for the kind help and assistance they have provided to both myself and “theotherseamus” throughout the year as part of their role as moderators. Without this help it would be close to impossible to manage the website. Lady and Gentlemen stand up, take a round of applause – you are brilliant!!!

We are a victim of our own success. Or so our web host provider has been regularly telling us. The large number of technician colleagues, in conjunction with the popularity of the TecHKnow website, means that we may have to decide during the year 2014 to move to a bigger web host environment. That is a cost that I am happy to make because I personally believe it is worth it.

However, for the present that is not our most immediate concern. So our third and final thank you goes to each and every single one of you, our valued members for your loyalty and support throughout 2013. When we began back in May 2004, I never for one single minute believed that we would be so successful.  

I hope that you have an enjoyable Christmas. Chill out, have fun, relax, bond with family and friends. I also want to take this early opportunity to wish you a peaceful new year.

Unfortunately, TecHKnow cannot easily take a holiday and we will be here throughout the Christmas and New Year period. How sad can that be? However, if you get sick and tired of Turkey Sandwiches, bored to tears with whatever is on the telly, if the weather happens to be unkind or perhaps the Kids are driving you bonkers and you are looking for somewhere to escape, I can suggest quite a few places were to go. None of these involve sitting in front of your computer browsing through the TecHKnow website unless you happen to be setting up that brand new computer, laptop or Ipad that Santa brought you this year.

Finally, a little bit of self promotion.  You can catch me on my cities Internet radio station every Saturday afternoon from 2 to 5pm and Sunday from 3pm to 6 with my local Radio Show. Go to
Why not send me a request via our station face book page which is NCR NEWRY and I will be happy to say Hi to you over the air waves.

We here at TecHKnow look forward to serving your professional needs during 2014.

There's not much time left to enter this year's Science Technician of the Year award. the closing date is Wednesday 18th December

If you - or someone you work with - is an awesome Science Technician why not seek a bit of recognition? Enter the Gratnells Science Technician of the Year Competition and you  could walk away with some  fantastic prizes:

Click here for more information and to download an entry form. It's as easy as that!

Information on controlling substances that are hazardous to the health of workers has been updated to help businesses comply with legal requirements. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has revised its Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) to clarify and simplify practical advice to help dutyholders comply with the requirements of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH).

Contained within an updated document, the revised guidance is aimed at management, supervisory staff, safety representatives and technical specialists (e.g. occupational hygienists, consultants etc). CLEAPSS normally are the information and advisory service for School Science and any changes which directly affect science and technology technicians, will be communicated via their future  bulletins, website or training programs. So technicians should always refer to one or more of these information resources if in doubt.

The revisions reflect other ongoing reviews of technical guidance associated with COSHH, e.g. for Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV); and on Health Surveillance, and clarify specialist terminology wherever possible. The changes follow a period of public consultation and HSE Board and ministerial approval..

You can download the new ACOP from HERE

Inspired by this years "Life Fantastic" Christmas Lectures, The Royal Institution have created a series of Technicial advent calendar short films exploring the 23 pairs of human chromosomes and the mitochondrial DNA that make up the building blocks of life.
You can search the hidden videos by using the microscope lens to find the correct chromosome number matching the date. You can then zoom into the image to bring the chromosome into focus by using the "+" and "-" buttons

The technical advent calendar is a great idea and it has been designed to work across multiple browsers and devices. More details here.

Education in Science is an ASE PublicationHaving had a Wardrobe door fall on my big toe recently I have found myself both temporarily immobilised in the house with plenty of time on my hands to digest most of the Education in Science magazine (EIS 254: Nov2013).

What immediately grabbed my attention is how we have various realities of the role of technicians in School Science. I need to absolutely clear right from the beginning. Each of these realities standing alone is perfectly feasible. In all cases, robust in their approach to the ideas of supporting the teaching of school science. However, together they show a lot of diversity in thinking which aside from being slightly worrying, it has forced me to ask important questions. What do schools and colleges throughout the UK actually want for their technical support staff. How can we unite these three realities into some kind of overarching reality which is suitable for the effective delivery and support of school science for the future.

During August 2011, I suffered the loss of my Mother and then six months later in 2012 the loss of my youngest sister. On both occasions, my Employer was very sympathetic, compassionate and allowed me a generous amount of time of work with no loss of pay.

I consider myself lucky. This is because I am acutely aware of other friends and family who have been forced to take between 1 and three days paid time off work or, in one case that I know in relation to a close family member, any time off beyond one day must be taken from your annual holidays

Campaigners are now urging the Government to give employees the legal right to paid leave if they have suffered a family bereavement, amid growing public support for the move.

A recent poll from Survation reveals that 71% of respondents think that there should be a national guaranteed minimum entitlement to bereavement leave for close family members. Sixty three per cent also think it is unfair that bereavement leave can be unpaid. The poll, commissioned by the Change Bereavement Leave campaign founded by Lucy Herd, also reveals a general lack of knowledge on the issue.

While many employers exercise discretion when a close relative dies, only 15% correctly understood that there is no entitlement to paid bereavement leave.

Damian Lyons Lowe, Chief Executive of Survation said: “Our polling shows that only 15% of the public are aware of the current lack of any guaranteed period of bereavement leave, whilst 31% wrongly believe there to be at least four days of statutory bereavement leave.”

Lucy Herd, who lost her toddler son in 2010, has recently also brought this “inhuman anomaly” to the attention of Parliament. She is requesting four weeks’ paid bereavement leave for parents mourning the loss of a child.

At Prime Minister’s Questions recently, David Cameron was asked by Tom Harris MP if he would consider amending the Employment Rights Act 1996 to “give British parents the legal right and time to grieve.” The Prime Minister agreed to look at the current situation.

TUC general secretary, Frances O’Grady, said: “Most people will be surprised to learn that unless they have an understanding employer, they may not be able to take much time off work following a death in the family, and if they are, any compassionate leave will almost certainly be unpaid.”

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