We are not aware if this specific case concerns a worker in the education sector, however, the details of the case itself is interesting in that it provides clarification as to your position if, for example, your employer sought to dismiss you on your current terms of conditions of employment to later re-engage you on less favourable terms. This would be under the disguise of making costs savings within work.
It has recently been reported that some local authorities have issued dismissal notices to their entire staff, offering to immediately re-engage them at a lower rate of pay. A recent decision of the Employment Appeal Tribunal considered the correct test to be applied when considering the fairness of a dismissal in these circumstances.
The employer in this case needed to cut costs and improve profits.  In order to avoid redundancies, it asked all 77 of its employees to accept a pay cut of 5%. All but one of them eventually agreed.  The claimant was dismissed and brought a claim for unfair dismissal against the company, which was upheld by the Employment Tribunal.
[Courtesy: Worplacelaw.net]

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Teachers TV content is now available on TES in agreement with the Department of Education. TES has brought back all 3,500 Teachers TV programmes which are available for teachers to use for free, though all content is protected by Crown Copyright.

Teachers TV was a government funded TV and online video service that operated until April 2011. Teachers TV supported the professional development of anyone working in school, enabling them to widen their skills, develop their practice, and connect with others in the field. Teachers TV supplied professional development videos and resources by going inside classrooms and into schools to help save time with practical tips, lesson ideas and classroom resources.

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This course run by Science Learning Centre North East on 19th October 2011 and it is ideal for new or inexperienced technicians. The course is designed to give a grounding in the role within school or college settings. Sessions on this course will cover the role of a technician, general health and safety, policies and procedures, technician skills and working in a science department. This course complements other skills related to professional development courses available through the Science Learning Centre network.

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