Faster than the speed of lightScientists who announced that sub-atomic particles might be able to travel faster than light are to rerun their experiment in a different way.  Read more....
This will address criticisms and allow the physicists to shore up their analysis as much as possible before submitting it for publication. Dr Sergio Bertolucci said it was vital not to "fool around" given the staggering implications of the result. [Courtesy: BBC NEWS SCI/ENVIRONMENT]

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has proposed that employers should be allowed to talk openly with older workers about performance and retirement without fear of being accused of age discrimination.
Clegg was visiting a firm in Shoreditch this week when he made the comments. He said: "Employers tell us they're afraid to have frank discussions with staff ... for fear of those exchanges being used against them unfairly, should a dispute end up at tribunal....

With 4.6 million members, the Local Government Pension Scheme is one of the largest public sector pension schemes in the UK.

The LGPS is a nationwide scheme and is a valuable part of the pay and reward package for employees working in local government or working for other employers participating in the Scheme and for some councillors. Government has launched a consultation into increasing employee contribution rates for the local government pension scheme in a bid to save £900m...[Read more below]

18th October 1730 - 2030: Science Learning Center (South West)

This is a FREE course. Join Science Learning Centre South West in celebrating the International Year of Chemistry 2011.  This is a worldwide celebration of the achievements of chemistry and its contributions to the well-being of humankind.  This evening event is an opportunity to attend workshops about the science of food, drink and bubbles.  Enjoy a glass of bubbly on arrival followed by a keynote talk on the Science of Taste and Flavour....Read more

More than a million public sector workers are to vote on industrial action in the biggest ever union ballot, commencing today. It is the first time UNISON has balloted its entire membership for industrial action. Some 9500 separate employers are involved in the dispute. UNISON said that probation officers, nurses, social workers, teaching assistants, technicians, dinner ladies and hospital cleaners will be among those voting in the row over public sector pensions.

The job and role of Technicians has evolved and become extremely complex over the past decade. News of job evaluations, redundancies, queries & problems with contracts of employment have caused confusion in the minds of many colleagues.

Our TecHKnow Wiki has accumulated many relevant and exciting articles that have been submitted by professional colleagues like yourself. Written by technicians, they give first hand knowledge, experience and help. You can access, read, download or print any of these out for free right now by clicking on this link here....

Science Learning Centres are a national network for professional development in science teaching. They service the professional development needs of teachers and non-teaching support staff. Their aim is to improve science teaching and to inspire pupils by providing them with a more exciting, intellectually stimulating and relevant science education, enabling them to gain the knowledge and the understanding they need - both as the citizens and as the scientists of the future.
There are nine regional Centres in England and one National Centre, each with a number of satellite Centres to provide additional facilities.

Impact Award
DfE is providing Impact Award bursaries of £200 per day for teachers and lecturers and £100 per day for technicians to help you pay for CPD at your regional Science Learning Centre. more...

Project ENTHUSE provides the opportunity for teachers, lecturers, technicians and teaching assistants to attend National Science Learning Centre courses at no cost. More information about Enthuse awards here..

GHS SYmbolA new system for labelling chemicals with their hazards is being introduced throughout Europe in the period from December 2010 to 2015. Schools will already be receiving chemicals labelled with the new diamond-shaped hazard symbols and new hazard information. There is no need to panic at this stage.

Philippa Nobss (Institute Science technology -  IST) has kindly provided us with a handy printable sheet listing CLP/GHS Hazard Statement with pictograms hich you can use as a reference wall display.

icon List of Hazard statements and pictograms. You can also visit our Downloads area to obtain this and other useful documents!

Find out all you need to know in CLEAPSS latest guidance document GL101 - An introduction to GHS / CLP chemical hazard labelling. In the meantime you can download and resize all of the important GHS pictograms that will affect School Science technician directly from UNENCE GHS website from here.

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