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Online Course Designed for technicians who wish to develop or enhance their role as a demonstrator at secondary and post-16 level by exploring the following themes: biology, chemistry and physics demonstrations, health and safety, and teaching and learning through demonstrations

There will be weekly tasks, online discussions with other technicians and course tutors,  video demonstrations, mini-lectures and access to resources. Throughout, we encourage you to take a practical approach to the course, contributing your experience and sharing good practice.

The course is 6 weeks in duration and will take 2-3 hours of study time per week. There is a weekly structure to the course, but you can engage with the content at anytime to suit you during the week.

Participants will need access to a lab to undertake weekly tasks. More details, and how to enrol can be found here

The IOP Technician Award enables the community to recognise and celebrate the skills and experience of technicians and their contribution to physics.

With the aim of raising the professional status of technicians, the IOP Technician Award highlights the diverse role of technicians in education, research and industry. The winner receives a prize of £1,000, a trophy and a certificate presented at the IOP annual awards dinner.


Eligible technicians will work in a diverse range of organisations across the UK and Ireland – schools, colleges, universities, research institutions, NHS, defence or industry. They may, for example, plan and prepare teaching experiments, build and maintain infrastructure and laboratory equipment and software to support research and innovation, or install manufacturing systems or process control instrumentation.  More details about the eligibility criteria here…

On 6th June Simon Quinnell (CSciTeach) is running the ASE Technicians Leadership Programme: Organising your technical service course (it says day 3 but you don't have to do day 1 and 2, as they are stand alone courses as part of a wider program).

The day will look at prep room organisation, effective prep room systems, health and safety for senior technicians and taking the technical service further. 

The day starts at 9.30 (with tea and coffee from 9) and finishes at 15.30/45 (with lunch provided).

The sessions for the ‘Technicians Conference North’ in York are now bookable.

You can do this by following links via the ASE or directly through Eventbright. The programme has a great mix of both practical and theory sessions to help you enhance your skills, manage your prep room and science provision for school.

Please have a look and book soon as places are limited. The links describe the sessions. Hope to see lots of you there !

Tech conference South at Hatfield is almost finished but you can book for that and choose sessions later.

Lord Agnew’s cost-cutting consultants told a school to replace experienced teachers with support staff on term-time contracts, while another was urged to limit lunch portions for pupils.

Secret reports seen by Schools Week reveal other tips from the “school resource management advisers” include saving money on supply teachers by instead using spare staff to cover three classes at a time in the dining hall. Read full article here:...

HSE has redesigned its introduction to First Aid requirements web page to show employers what they need to do under the FAW regulations 2013 more easily: Check out the HSE Website here. In general, 

Employers must make sure employees get immediate help if taken ill or injured at work.

The law applies to every workplace and to the self-employed.

You must have:

  • a suitably stocked first aid kit
  • an appointed person or people to take charge of first aid arrangements
  • information for all employees telling them about first aid arrangements

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