Labexpert UK have developed and produced one of the most easy to use and powerful chemical and equipment stock control system for use around School Science departments. It is currently in use within my own School and saves myself, and technical staff a lot of time and helps with financial planning of stock at the end of the year

The chemical stock control software is based around Microsoft Access which allows flexibility for customizing to one’s own requirements. This makes it easy to use and easy to import information you may already have in MS Excel for example.

It is a powerful yet simple to use system with optional barcode functionality and label printers connectivity.

If you fall ill, you are entitled to take time off work until you recover. There are a number of rules and regulations under the law which determine your rights relating to sickness and leave, and it may benefit you to be fully aware of them.

Your employer should have a policy which explains what to do if you are unable to come to work due to illness. It should include a reporting procedure for letting the right person at work know that you will not be there

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What is the Northern Lights Science Learning Partnership?

A partnership between Northern Lights Teaching School Alliance and STEM Learning, we are the Science Learning Partnership for North Western Yorkshire and York covering the areas of Craven, Selby, Harrogate, Richmondshire, Hambleton, Bradford and York.

As part of our planning for our science CPD programme next year, please would you take a few minutes to complete this short survey. Your email will not be used for any marketing or communication purposes, or passed onto any third party.

The final question asks whether you would like to be entered into a draw for the chance to win £25 Amazon vouchers (closing date 5th November 2018). In the event of winning, you would be notified by email.

You do not have to be local to us to take part in the survey or enter our draw! Good Luck! Click here to access Survey


Some schools and colleges may believe that delivering good technical support to the science department is purely supplementary: technicians ensure teachers have all the equipment that they need, know exactly what they're going to do with it and feel confident that they know the experiment they're going to carry out is going to work. At The Magna Carta School, our support goes further than that.

This video showcases how The Magna Carta School is using the Gatsby Good Practical Science report in their science lessons. 

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CLEAPSS has been working with the DfE and HSE around the supply of gauzes which contain Asbestos.  The HSE released this press release about the issue.

CLEAPSS have created a FAQs guide (GL286 available from their members area) to assist schools with this issue. This guide is designed to be read in conjunction with guidance from the HSE and the full HSE press release

They have also produced a gauzes buying guide GL285. Further updates and guides will be issued on the CLEAPSS website. So please do check regularly for updates.

You must be living in a different universe if you have not heard about THE GATSBY GOOD PRACTICAL SCIENCE report. I asked for a copy to be delivered to my Principal and by some weird mechanism got an envelope with the Principals name scratched out and mine written alongside with a question mark.  The authors of the report looked at practical science across the world and set out ten benchmarks for schools to use when planning how to do practical school. A school that achieves all ten should be delivering a world-class science education.

Thanks to @Unclebob, from CLEAPSS, my attention has been drawn to an excellent account of a UK meeting reflecting on school science practical work () with examples all over the world by Sir John Holman just Past Pres of the RSC

Read the report here

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