The CLEAPSS Summer bulletin (No. 162) is now available. In this issue, Technicians really DO matter, chemicals in the wrong container, microbiology update, transition ideas (not being a TV presenter), new labels for gloves, IDA record keeping, fume cupboard testing, Northern Ireland bodily fluids update, promoting the importance of technicians, Salters' technicians awards 2018, technicians tip, a (better) USB oscilloscope, D&T news, radioactive sources registration, FREE draw for a radiation detector, supplier members of CLEAPSS, CLEAPSS conference season, ASE Conference review, Pressure vessels update and forthcoming courses.

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The Data harvest Group have gathered together a number of funding opportunities that may help you to get the extra cash to fund your science purchases.

Click here for the list

Have you read about the The Resource Our Schools campaign?

The campaign is being run by BESA and is dedicated to ensuring that every school has access to the resources they need to deliver the education that our children deserve. You can read more about the BESA resource our schools campaign here.


Full Story: Read the full news item here.

The 2% pay offer for most council workers will be implemented after two of the three main unions backed the proposal.

The pay offer will mean the majority of staff, which is those earning an annual salary of £19,430 or more, will receive a 2% pay rise from April 2018 and a further 2% rise in April 2019.

 It also includes the introduction of a new national pay spine on 1 April 2019. The Local Government Association said the offer will result in an increase to the national pay bill of 5.6% over two years, once the new national living wage is factored in.


You are invited to attend:

ASE NI TechMeet

Monday 25th June, 2018   2:00 – 4:00pm

The Abbey Christian Brothers' Grammar School, 77A Ashgrove Rd, Newry BT34 1QN

See map here

ADMISSION:  FREE. You do not need to be an ASE member to attend but it would be great if you discussed with your school about becoming one!

The line-up:

  • Shamie Smith – Employment issues and advice

  • Michelle McAnallen – Molecular Gastronomy

  • Catherine Brownlee – Troubleshooting physics

  • Matthew Coan – Fun with flames

There will also be opportunities to win prizes by completing our series of Gratnell tray challenges

Updates on the event will be posted on the Sci Techs NI Facebook page

For tickets/registration please follow the link:

School support staff are being forced to work unpaid overtime as a result of increasing workload and dwindling staffing levels, a new survey has found.

Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, warned that school support staff are “feeling the brunt” of school cuts, with redundancies forcing those left in the system to do more.

Research by the NEU found that 78 per cent of teaching assistants, school administrators and other support staff are working overtime every week, with 20 per cent claiming their school expects them to work extra hours and 5 per cent saying their school demands it of them. More than 60 per cent of respondents are not paid for their overtime.

Support staff are feeling the brunt of school cuts as schools struggle to make ends meet




We have been a little quite recently as we have been working hard to bring you the latest version of our software.

The Labexpert Stock Control DB Software V3.0.1 is now available with some fantastic new features:
It now has a much easier way of entering information and improved navigation. It allows accountability of chemicals used, it registers quantities used in an academic year with date of last use for every chemical. We have included a used-by date field and a SYC field which lists chemicals that are causing most concern according to the Home Office SYC (Secure Your Chemicals Education) guidance.

  • Every chemical were applicable now has a link to the CLEAPSS HazCard(c) (CLEAPSS membership required) making our software a totally complete system.
  • We have added a number of new reports (23 in total) to allow better planning and accountability.
  • Report of Chemicals Passed Used-by Date
  • Report of chemicals within 3-months of Used-by Date
  • Quantities used in academic year

For more information please call 07799504658 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or find us on the website at

Schools are struggling to cope with fewer science technicians and more examined practical work. What has led to the shortfall, what needs to be done and how can teachers weather the crisis?

School science technicians are often unnoticed by students, or seen as a person in a white coat hidden in the ‘prep room’, a mysterious place students are not allowed to enter. Yet they are an integral part of any school science department. Technicians prepare practical lessons for teachers, ensure secure storage of chemicals and equipment, and oversee laboratory safety. To a science teacher, their technician is often much more than that. 

It is hard to imagine a science department without technicians, but that is the reality for an increasing number of schools. 

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