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Question Ripple tanks

1 year 5 months ago #41200 by Kasey
We have a small ripple tank similar to this:-


As it's small, big mouth here says 'Do you want me set one up on an OHP?'

I have the OHP (surprise!), the vibration generator, the lasagne dish, the signal generator, but no dippers.
I've cobbled together a sphere - sphere dipper on the end of a skewer and a long one - plastic stirrer on a skewer which will do for tomorrow, but I thought I'd buy some proper dippers on long extensions - long enough to reach from the vibration generator into the lasagne dish. Can't find them anywhere.

Do companies sell them? Or only as part of a ripple tank set? OR, has anyone made their own and can tell me how?

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1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #41201 by D.B.Ferguson
I had a vaguely similar set-up a while ago. The beater bar had some home-made (before my time) threaded rod. I believe it was brass and probably imperial but some M3 or M4 threaded rod should work. Bend to 90 degrees in a vice. Some small polystyrene spheres were screwed onto the end
Probably best to take the beater bar to your D&T department and get some rod that fits the holes.

...And rather than springs it had elastic bands to suspend from the gantry.

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David Ferguson B.Sc.
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