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Question HT/EHT leads

9 months 1 week ago #41677 by D.B.Ferguson
Just wondering:
What flex do you use with your shrouded plugs for EHT and HT work?

I inherited a small quantity of double insulated cable that RS no longer stock. There seems to be no equivalent from the usual suppliers.
In the end I obtained some Ignition lead/HT cable or "Spark plug lead" off the internet. These are good but a little more of a pain to strip for terminating.
(For those interested the internal insulation sticks to the outer and is difficult to remove cleanly. I split the ringed outer along the length and peel using a pair of pliers).

If anyone has a better solution...

Technicians: providing solutions and more.

David Ferguson B.Sc.

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9 months 1 week ago #41678 by AndyG
I admit to using standard, single insulated, Rapid extra flex. There should be very little energy behind the supplies to sustain a spark and when I checked (many years ago) the spark test was about 1kV so it just about copes with EHT supplies in the real world. If you want to improve that, fibre sleeving would preserve most of the flexibility.
Ignition lead is 20- 25kV which is way over the top for school work.
I would suggest that in most cases the 4mm plug terminations will be the weak link if you are trying to preserve insulation integrity as the shrouded ones are only rated to 1kV.
If you wish to try with ignition lead terminations, www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product/1110/category/17 ]this[/url] may be of interest as they actually form 4mm plugs when terminated ... a motor cycle style rubber spark plug shroud may be workable with it as a final insulator ...
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