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Question Geranium Alternative

1 year 5 hours ago #41497 by SteveKeys
Hi All,

one of our Biology teachers is wanting to do the leaf starch test which we always use Geranium plants for. However, as they are still bare from being stripped of leaves from previous lessons, and the local garden centre reliably informs me we won't get them just now as they're a spring plant, I just wondered if anyone could suggest any alternatives that will work well for a starch test?

We have tried a few others we have kicking about the labs but none are giving the kind of results we get from Geraniums.

All help much appreciated, as being a physicist at heart, I always thought a leaf was a leaf...


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1 year 5 hours ago #41498 by Cookaburra
Have you got any shrubs in the school grounds? I would have a try with any of the non waxy type. We've got weigela, philadelphus. Not sure what would happen with a chopped stem in water in the dark though. Do they still lose starch?

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1 year 3 hours ago #41499 by TecHKnow
Basil works especially "Sweet basil".
several years ago, we used basil from TESCO's and got good results

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