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Question Dixon-Barcroft manometer

8 months 1 day ago #41679 by thedoctor
Hi, has anyone used the Dixon-Barcroft respirometer ( two boiling tubes attached to a manometer, mealworms, soda lime) there's a video on cleapps. I have had poor results, maybe two out of 8 attempts. I have sealed all joints with Vaseline and it’s driving me crazy! Any tips please.

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8 months 23 hours ago #41682 by TecHKnow
If it is what I am thinking about, then join the crazy club. We have very little success with this either. The biggest issue is air bubble or break in the liquid in the manaometer U tube. the othe problem I have found is that obver the years of using the U-Tube manaometer, because of the small bore capillary size, it can quite simply get blocked with your Indicator liquid solidifying in teh capillar u-tube. However, see other post which you made recently fro other practical considerations

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