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Question Contaminated Chemical...?

1 year 4 days ago #41584 by SteveKeys
Just wondered if anyone had ever had any issued with Marble Chips supplied by Prime Chemicals / Beecroft Science?

Our suspicions were first raised just at looking at them - they were very grey compared to the white we were used to seeing. They were put out to use in a 'Rates of Reaction' practical with Hydrochloric acid. The teacher complained of a strong smell of sulfur after the lesson.

We have tried dissolving these chips again in HCl and there is indeed a very strong 'eggy' smell coming from them. We then tried the same acid against some old stock of chips which were much more white, and there was no smell detected.

I've contacted the supplier with the details and batch number etc, but thought I'd see if this was something anyone else had experienced?

For clarity - We've never had any issues at all with this supplier before, and I'm confident they will sort this. I'm just curious as to whether anyone else has experienced the same.

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1 year 4 days ago #41586 by AndyG
This has been an issue in the past. Have a search of the forums and you may find similar issues where 'clean marble chips' were not white and clean (as they used to be) but more like crushed limestone as you describe. I would advise contacting the supplier.

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1 year 4 days ago #41587 by SteveKeys
I did contact the supplier - I was just curious as to how wide spread it was. They have replied saying that the cause is having them kept sealed in teh tub inside the plastic bag, and that's what the smell is coming from. They apparently had a lot of complaints that the "white" chips didn't react fast enough, so these new grey ones are supposed to react faster.

Cutting to the chase, they have offered to refund or replace which is spot on - can't really ask for more than that.

We'll try the new batch when it comes and then look at how we store it moving forward.


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