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Question Microscope recommendations

1 year 4 months ago #41334 by SteveKeys
Hi All,

I've been asked to look into getting some new microscopes specifically for use at A-level. Just thought I'd see if anyone had done similar recently or had any recommendations, ideas of things to look out for, and equally things to avoid?


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1 year 4 months ago #41335 by bsimmo
BioBlue - Euromex
We have had a set of the A-Level ones 4 objectives (inc oil), mechanical, binocular etc, everything.
We like them so much, we've now switched our KS3/4 to them, (monocular, 3 objectives, mechanical stage etc..

All LED, all easy to use and can be powered from the mains if (sorry when!) they haven't been turned off.

Really nice to use, really good clear vision.
Biologists very impressed, I am to and I used to use a damned expensive Leica in industry and research.
Especially for the money

Try BetterEquipped as they always had a good price and will get any model you want.
iirc they sent us test versions too.

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