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Question Motor suitable for lifting and generator experiments

1 year 4 months ago #41360 by D.B.Ferguson
Knowing how expensive 3B can be I was suprised at just how expensive some items are and how easily they can be made for a lot less. Take their motor: www.3bscientific.co.uk/p+1021806/q/?SearchText=p%201021806 at £332.40

I have an old NiCd powered drill that will no longer take a charge (and replacement cells are impossible to source- at least I have been unable to source them). So I have made a facsimile of the 3B one using the motor and drive mechanism.
Putting the unit in a box is not necessary providing it can be reasonably well clamped. However it does look a lot more professional.

Design isn't my strong point(amongst many others). So if anyone has any better ideas please suggest them.
I cut a 52mm hole in a metal box so that the motor could be contained but the chuck remained outside.
Packed the underside of the motor with Polymorph (a prototyping low temperature melting plastic) . I then clamped the motor to this using a bit of angle iron (dexion) piviting on one bolt and tensioned with another.
I attached 2 4mm sockets to the outside for power out/in.
The drill was deliberately off centre as I may fix a clamping point at some stage in the future.
Hopefully the image makes more sense.
The drill/motor is ideal for mgh calculations and pulleys or rods can easily be changed.
best >£300 I've saved today.

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David Ferguson B.Sc.

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