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Question Students buying lab coats

1 month 6 days ago #41771 by barryotter
Good morning all

I was wondering if anyone knows of somewhere where students can buy their own lab coats and safety specs?

I found a few companies online that sell lab coats but not safety spec and it would be easier if they could get everything they need from one supplier. It can be be a bit complicated buying from the usual science suppliers as a private individual and stock availability with Amazon can be a bit unreliable.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated!


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1 month 6 days ago #41772 by Techie_Paul
All the major lab suppliers will charge postage and packing unless you consolidate the separate student orders.

You're better off trying Screwfix or Toolstation, who also do XS coats.

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1 month 6 days ago #41774 by SteveKeys
We offer to do it for our sixth formers. We give them a selection of labcoat sizes to choose, a selection of spec styles to choose, they pay the school as if they were going on a trip etc and we get them ordered in on their behalf.


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1 month 15 hours ago #41775 by prep_room_boy
Somebody senior (not a scientist) decided that all our triple science pupils should have their own lab coat and specs. Sizes were taken and about 60 sets were bought. The idea is that it would make them feel more like "proper scientists". When asked to pay for them not a single one was interested and they sat (and probably still do) in a cupboard still in their plastic wrappings.

TBH until you reach A level there probably is no real need for a lab coat if you follow general lab rules.

BTW I still have my old lab coat that took me through A levels, college and a few jobs, it has some very interesting stains, the odd burn hole and it seems to have shrunk over the years as it is now a bit snug around the middle.

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