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Question Corroded Battery Terminals

2 years 5 months ago #40533 by SteveKeys
Hi folks - looking for some tips.

We have 2 nice little balances which have had batteries leak in them. The spring on the battery connection is now all corroded and isn't conducting properly.

I've tried steel wool and sand paper but the spring moves about too much to get any friction to remove the corrosion.

Any tips on how to dissolve off the rusty bits without damaging the remaining decent metal?

Would be a shame to ditch the balances but as things stand, that's what its heading towards


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2 years 5 months ago #40534 by bluek
Hold the spring taut with a pair of forceps and scrape with a very sharp knife

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2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #40535 by Baldilocks
I would do my utmost to avoid aggressive cleaning of corroded terminals because you run the risk of scrubbing it into uselessness, ripping it off altogether or worse, scattering conductive filings around the inside of the electronics.
Having said that, when I have done this I usually hold the spring in Spencer-Wells forceps (artery clamps) and scrub gently with a nail file/emery board (the type that looks like a lolly stick covered with sandpaper).
If you haven't got any Spencer-Wells then I can recommend them. Scissor action forceps with a ratcheting lock. I use them a lot for soldering and other fine work.
It is probably worth having a look around inside the enclosure to see exactly what is involved with a contactoplasty. Some are easy but I avoid the ones with nasty little rivets.


“Do not believe everything you read on the Internet.” -Abraham Lincoln

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2 years 5 months ago #40536 by ChrisKJS
A chemical method that has worked for me is to apply a weakly acidic solution of EDTA. Just dab it on with a damp cotton bud. This should remove the corrosion without damaging the metal contact.

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2 years 5 months ago #40537 by bsimmo
any pictures of the problem and the balance.
You can often just fit new ones or provide a different powering method.

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