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Question Monthly 'Night Sky' printable updates

2 months 1 day ago - 2 months 1 day ago #41802 by Kasey
I have stupidly agreed to put up a poster every month about what you can expect to see in the night sky that month.
I assumed it would be easy, all I would have to do was go to the website and print off that months report.
However, although there are plenty of results that gives web pages with videos and dry as dust ones of 'The sky in October - North view' I can't find anything that just says it 'as it it.'

Do I have to compile one myself?

Or can you fantastic people save me a lot of work?

(And if it had a QR code....... :-) )
2 months 16 hours ago #41803 by D.B.Ferguson
This may not be the best answer...
Once you have an idea of what you want to look at you can get a sky map from (for example) Heavens-above.
Simply select your location and generate the sky chart.
Then copy the new web address and post this into an online QR code generator.

For example Seamus could use www.heavens-above.com/SkyChart.aspx?lat=...Unnamed&alt=0&tz=GMT

The qr code is generated and can be printed off or shared as required.

Obviously you may want to go to other sites for astronomical information.

Technicians: providing solutions and more.

David Ferguson B.Sc.

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2 months 3 hours ago #41805 by TecHKnow
From TecHKnow Twitter feed

Philip Stobbart
Replying to
This works - astronomynow.com/uk-sky-chart/ sadly no QR codes.

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