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Question The pro rata year. When does it begin?

3 years 5 months ago #39667 by Annie
Anyone have any idea of when the 'pro rata' year begins?
Is it the beginning of the financial year i.e April?
Or is it the beginning of the academic year i.e September?
Or is it the anniversary of the date of your appointment?

Because most of us work on a pro rata basis and our pay is spread out over 12 months (so you have a regular monthly income rather that just being paid during term time). But what happens when you leave? How do you know if you receive all that you are entitled to?
Does everyone who leaves at the end of the summer term get paid until the end of August?

So many questions :hb
Anyone with answers?

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3 years 5 months ago - 3 years 5 months ago #39668 by DampSquib
Mmm, interesting. I've not thought of the 'employment year' in this way. When I've talked to TTO support staff members about resignation at the end of the school year, I have always advised putting their last working day as 31st of August - This ensures continuous employment for their next job and to ensure their is no ambiguity over receiving the whole year's pay for the whole academic year. (One tech joined previous Sept, worked the whole year, but stupidly put his resignation date as July 21st, ie last day of term. He was subsequently told he would not be paid his August division of his pay, ie only 11months worth of his pro-rata! We sorted it out in the end!)

I would have also thought that if someone started work mid-academic year, their own personal year for pro-rata would start at the same time. So, if I started work on the 1st January, I would expect to have been paid my yearly salary by 31st December. However, the salary year for staff will be in line with the school's accounting year. (My school's is now 1st September to 31st August.) so I assume any calculations on pro-rata would be between these dates.

In reality, because of our weirdly skewed working year, whenever we join or leave the amount of pay and statutory holiday entitlement is dependent on what we have actually worked, regardless of when a fictitious year starts.

I know one of you will have the definitive answer to this, so over to you...
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3 years 5 months ago #39669 by TecHKnow
All I can add is this in the hope it clarifies even further what DampSquib has excellently described.


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3 years 5 months ago #39670 by ChrisKJS
Our financial year (as an academy) is September to September. But our work year is April to April. I work term time plus 10 days and the 10 days have to fit in our work year. Last Easter we had to put stocktaking back a week so it was in the new working year.

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