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How do you get your textbooks back at the ned of the year

2 months 17 hours ago - 2 months 17 hours ago #42118 by TecHKnow
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  • Has anyone come up with the perfect system for distributing and reclaiming Texbooks each year? 
    We always have loads of issues with this every year. Techniicians are fresponsible for managing the issue and recall of books. There has to be an easier way of running around classes with trolleys asking for books back. All suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance
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    1 month 3 weeks ago #42121 by SteveKeys
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  • Have you tried asking your school librarian? They deal with books out/in on a daily basis. Maybe there is some kind of system they use you could tap into, to log who has which books?


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    1 week 16 hours ago #42133 by AndyG
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  • We've gone the simple "librarian" system and it is obvious to me that we are clearly spending triple the time chasing books ... doh!

    The old system: books were all numbered, issued in sets to staff and students signed them out (a rudimentary library system). The whole lot was put into a flat file database. We then specified one day - "you will bring your books in on day xyx at 10am". Four or five of us sat in a room for one hour and the students delivered book x to table X, book y to table Y ...The vast majority were returned and were logged back in over a week or two based purely on number so it didn't matter if they tried to return a mates. Any books not returned were invoiced - most were returned over the summer.

    Since we've had the new system, and for whatever reason, we've lost between £600 and £800 in books per year as we no longer get payments back to department from parents ...

    The library *should work* but for some reason it doesn't for us. 

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