Community Forum Rules

With every great community, there are the rules that ensure people both coexist peacefully so that we can participate professionally. These forums are no different! There are boundaries to what is and what is not allowed

  1. Use common sense. Anything that you say or do carries consequences with it. If you find yourself questioning the nature of what you're going to post, then it's probably not safe to post it.
  2. Check that your question has not been answered anywhere else on the Forums. Use the Forum Search Facility.
  3. Include as much information as you can when seeking help. Nobody will be able to help you if you don't give sufficient detail.
  4. Post your comment/question to the most appropriate place. Any posts deemed to be in the wrong forum will be moved by the moderators.
  5. Do not cross-post the same question to multiple places.
  6. Make sure you have read the first article/post completely before posting a reply.
  7. Keep to the subject when replying to a post!! If you need to deviate from the main post then its a good idea to start a brand new Forum Post.
  8. Use your own words. If you wish to use the words of somebody else, quote them, citing their username. - Use the Quote button against each post.
  9. Choose an appropriate subject line. Try to summarise the problem briefly in the subject, and elaborate in the message itself.
  10. Do not discuss illegal activities. Our server is hosted in the UK and so is subject to UK law. Please do not expose us to any unnecessary legal liability. This will almost certainly get you banned from the website.
  11. Do not link to any site that contains adult content, warez/software material, sexually oriented material or might otherwise be considered highly offensive. Any post containing an inappropriate link will be deleted and the poster may be banned from the website.
  12. Please respect copyright. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to post any links, images or videos. If we feel that a post here may violate copyright it will be removed.
  13. If a post is suspected to serve no other purpose than to increase the post count of the poster, then the moderators may, at their discretion, delete the post without warning.
  14. Thank those who help you. Acknowledgment of a helpful suggestion or solution to a problem not only is polite and courteous, it also helps build a positive community spirit.
  15. If you feel that a member of this forums has violated any of the above mentioned rules and would like to bring that thread or post to our attention, then please report this in the first instance to any of our "Moderators" via our Private Messaging facility (PM).
  16. Please respect the moderators who oversee and manage the forums on this website. Their time is voluntary.

What happens if I break the rules?

  • In general your post will be simply edited or moved by one of the moderators and you may be contacted via Private Message (PM).
  • In severe instances or after repeated violations your TecHKnow account will be suspended and will no longer function.

These rules are subject to change as and when needed. Any changes thus made, will be updated here along with a revision date. It's the member's responsibility to review any changes and act accordingly.