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You Tube Video Link General Introduction or Overview Length Three types of muscle 00:01:29

How the body works - Brief overview of functions of different skeletal muscles - control of the voluntary

00:01:19 How the body works - Control of Involuntary muscles 00:01:19


structure and function animation of skeletal muscle

Muscular System, Skeletal Muscle - The junction between the terminal of a motor neuron and a muscle fibre is called the neuromuscular junction. It is simply one kind of synapse. (The neuromuscular junction is also called

the myoneural junction.)
00:01:19 A short clip of the contraction process. Music, no voice 00:00:55 3D Heart animation (No Voiceover) Good video but a little long! 00:02:30 The burning peanut experiment. Nice demo but done incorrectly. Can you spot some mistakes? 00:03:52 Extraction of DNA using strawberries 00:08:40 How the cell works - the stages of Mitosis. A great learning tool 00:03:18 Osmosis experiment using thistle (osmotic pressures) 00:00:48