Car Insurance while working in your school

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If you use your car for School work business & you unfortunately have an accident. Regardless of blame, your insurance may not cover you in such cases. Most people's insurance policy are for "Domestic & Social use" If you add on commuting use you're able to drive to and from one permanent place of work - but are still not covered for other work-related trips. Here are the three types of Motor Insurances;

Social only The car can be used by named drivers for non-work-related driving only - it's often termed as social, domestic and pleasure use. Normal day-to-day driving includes visiting family and friends or shopping.

Social and commuting

It provides the same cover as above but adds driving to and from a permanent place of work. Travelling to a railway station on your way to work, where the car is parked, is usually classed as commuting. Dropping someone else off at their place of work may be classed as commuting by your insurer if it's NOT out of your normal route.

Business use If you want to drive the car for work - beyond just commuting - you'll need business cover. It includes all of the regular social, domestic and commuting from above but extends to business-related driving away from your normal place of work.

Therefore if your workplace requires you to use your car to buy materials for school use then you could be also uninsured. In this situation you would have a legal right to refuse to carry out any request to use your own car, on the grounds that that the request is not legal ie., your employer cannot ask you to carry out any instruction that would cause you to contravene Sect 143. Road traffic Act 1988

Dropping someone else off at their place of work may also be classed as commuting by your insurer,providing this is on your normal commute. The advice is to check with your insurer and explain your circumstances while negotiating your insurance ---