How do I donate to the TecHKnow website?

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Lets face facts. We describe TecHKnow as a FREE service. It actually is a free service to the end user. That means you. Its a bit like you getting a FREE pint of beer or whatever you drink in a round of drinks in the bar with your mates. This always sounds nice. However, TecHKnow is not FREE to produce or maintain. In this the User:Admin picks up the tab.

We generate a very small amount of income by delivering ads through the website, however, in order to continue providing the quality service to yourself and 500+ other technicians we are inviting colleagues to make a donation.

  • Is a donation mandatory?

Simple answer no. If you prefer not to donate thats okay. You will continue to receive the FREE service.

  • How much can I donate?

There are no limits expected and neither do we set any limits. Its entirely up to your own discretion how much you donate.

  • What will you do with the money that is donated?

Honestly? - All of it will go back into maintaining the site. Historically, the site has never made a profit.

  • How do I donate?

From the front page of the website you should see the Paypal symbol. Please click on this and complete the form including the amount that you wish to donate.

If you do donate any money to the site then please accept our thanks. You can be assured that your donation is greatfully received and will go to supporting the website service.